Est. 1988

About Us

Avant garde wood design coupled with generations of handed-down family woodworking traditions.

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CEW is a team of skilled woodworkers and innovative design hunters. We believe that the hands of our carpenters remain the best tool we have in creating one of a kind exotic wood pieces. With an unmatched passion for modernizing tradition, our team of designers pull from the roots our our Turkish culture for inspiration. Our collections are designed to tug on the heart strings of locals and open the eyes of cultural design pioneers. 

Established in the heart of Turkey, Istanbul in 1988, CEW has gone through intense ongoing development, earning the bragging right of always being ahead of the industry curve. Despite the avant garde trend setting mindset Cengiz Ozem, our founder, has remained married to the CEW philosophy of handed-down solid wood construction. With 30 years of experience in woodworking. We combine the best materials and latest market trends, to offer our clients jaw-dropping quality furniture. 

All the way back to the Ottoman Empire, Turkey has been highly respected in the was of manufacturing luxury furniture. It comes as no surprise that Cengiz can trace his ancestry and lineage of furniture making for four generations. The families handed-down techniques of wood working continue to produce pieces that hold the nostalgia of a heirloom passed on.

Contemporary Ecowood aims to bring the traditions of the Ozem family name to the forefront of the American market. By maintaining its foothold as, the destination for functional contemporary wood art, CEW has created exclusive collection available only in the USA. With the latest technologies at their fingertips the CEW designers are committed to producing wood and resin works that not only captivate our clients but inspire our fellow tradesmen and women.