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Our mineral white resin seeps into the cracks of each hand selected slab.

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Mineral - White Resin Works

Our love for general excellence, quality and satisfaction makes us seek out the best resins available in the industry. The Mineral Collection was no exception. Utilizing our 30 years of experience we searched high and low for suppliers small and large. After months of test pours we perfected our salt white resin.

Inspired by the travertines of Pamukkale, Turkey, we combined various exotice woods known for their creamy caramel colors with our Mineral Resin. Just as the fresh water flows from the repeating falls of Pamukkale in the springtime, our mineral resin seeps into the cracks of each wood slab submitted to its relentless current.

If you have experienced the awe of the cotton candy castles (Pamukkale) in Turkey you have without a doubt experienced the ruins of Hierapolis. The rich neutral colors of the stones used to build and rebuild the ancient empire are reflected in the twisted grains of the exotic woods chosen for the CEW Mineral Collection. The thoughts of how life might have been spiral through the vivid imaginations of our designers while each slab is hand selected.