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An on going collection of idiosyncratic collaboration aimed to inspire stimulate and rouse the spirit of design.

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Intermix - Beyond the Wood

Just as the name sounds, our Intermix Collection flaunts a variety of materials that reach beyond the branches of our exotic woods. As an indigenous and professional woodwork company, we understand the need to have a collection that uses additional elements other than solid woods. We draw on that to create the pieces featured in our Intermix Collection.

The concept for this collection was born through the requests of our unique client base. When the question of using other elements was brought forth we immediately recognized a shortcoming in our offerings. Excited by the idea of experimentation we began yet another hunt for the best materials on the market. Our first stop, Mother Nature, of course.

Incorporating leaves seemed like a logical first step, considering our obsession for all things nature. The success of our first pour was in line with our expectations thus fueling our craving for more. The intermix Collection doesn't end with what you see here; the CEW Design Team is working steadily to incorporate new ideas you've never seen before. We have also begun artist collaborations that are due to begin production mid-summer 2018.